Pilates for pregnant women

Pilates in the pregnancy

Pilates for pregnant women restores the equilibrium of a changing body, mobilises challenged joints and muscles and heightens awareness of the pelvic floor.

course fee:
130,- EUR

Pilates for pregnant women

Pilates in der Schwangerschaft

Montag: 17.30-18.30Uhr

25. Mrz - 17. Jun 2019
24. Jun - 16. Sep 2019 (Pause: 19.&26.Aug)
07. Okt - 16. Dez 2019

questions & requests please via e-mail to:

course schedules

Pilates in der Schwangerschaft

Donnerstag: 18.00-19.00Uhr

02. Mai - 01. Aug 2019
12. Sep - 28. Nov 2019
05. Dez - 20. Feb 2020 (Pause: 26.Dez&02.Jan)


In order to secure a place, we ask for a binding written registration by email before the beginning of the course. Please use the contact form to register.
You will then receive a written confirmation with the transfer details. The place is firmly booked with successful transfer.
Apart from towel and sportswear, the studio provides all the utensils needed for the course. Also sports shoes are not required.


The following terms and conditions for cancellations apply:

  • 20.- € administration fee apply when cancelling before course starts
  • Cancellation fees do not apply if a substitute person (appointed by the client) will take the spot in the course for the same conditions.
  • after the course starts, no refund is possible.

Location of the course: Dynamic Arts, Kartäuserst. 13, 79102 Freiburg

Teacher of the course: Krisztina Ajkay, Nadine Teiwes, Sigrid Sopart, Judith Schmidt and Iris Jacobs