Personal Training

Win by regular personal training a new balance and a new feeling for everyday life.

The single-supervised personal training strengthens your self-confidence, you will reach a relaxed aura and also smoothes wrinkles of worries.

The workout consists of a small sequence as homework and an  individual exercise studio program.

Personal Training Freiburg

Personal Training offer


BASI-Pilates Matte

BASI-Pilates Geräten

Gyrotonic Training

Gyrokinesis Training




with props

Pilates Barrel

Pilates Reformer

Pilates Cadillac

Pilates Allegro

Pilates Chair

Pilates Avalon

Pulley Tower Combination Unit

Jumping Stretching Board


Leg Extension Unit


on the Mat


on the Stool

Why Personal Training?

  • Harmonic motion sequences accompanied by rhythmic breathing pattern
  • Increase in spinal mobility
  • Strengthening of the back, the center of the body and pelvic floor
  • Combination of flexibility, strength and coordination
  • Increasing the vitality and dynamism in everyday life
  • Compensation sided working postures
  • Tighten connective tissue and body-shaping

Personal Training contact

+49 761 519 24 10