Gyrokinesis Training


The Gyrokinesis ® method, also referred to as “Dynamic Yoga” is the origin of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® It is an all-encompassing movement method, which looks at the body as an entity and the spine as its’ core support. Gyrokinesis is practised on a footstool/chair  on the floor seated or standing. The moevemnt series are suitable for a “home practice”  and during long working days to refresh the body and spirit and as a warm-up  for all sports.

  • flowing, three-dimensional movement sequences accompanied by a rhythmic breathing pattern
  • enhancement of the mobility of the spine
  • incorporation of flexibility, strength and coordination
  • enhancement of vitality and dynamic balance
  • Evening out of one-sided habitual postures
  • Tightening of the connective tissue and shaping of the body.
  • A new found equilibrium through regular exercise will result in a relaxed appearance, an invigorated self awareness and smoothens out all the little stress and frown lines.

Tip for Beginners

For newcomers to the groups, we recommend our "Starter-Paket", as the basics of the Gyrokinesis method are easier to learn in one-to-one lessons.