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Pilates Post-Natal

About Pilates Post-Natal

Pilates Post-Natal (privately insured) and Prevention after Pregnancy (legally insured) are ideally tailored to the needs of pregnancy, before the start of a ‘normal’ sports training can be resumed. The content is about the stabilization of the middle of the body including pelvic floor, deep abdominal muscles and lower back. Of course, the rest of the body will be mobilized and moved.

Retraining course for self-payers and private insured: Monday, Thursday and Friday

For those insured by law, we recommend our prevention courses “Pilates”, which are supported by the statutory health insurance funds, and which can serve outstandingly well in terms of content for the support of the recovery process.

Questions? Contact us!

Important info

  • possible in the morning with a baby (but not a must)
  • in the evening always without baby
  • Support from statutory funds possible (75% subsidy)
  • Groups for privately insured people: Monday, Thursday, Friday
  • we would be happy to help you find the right group
  • Individual training with a private prescription / as a self-payer also very welcome

More information about Pilates recovery / after pregnancy

The baby is born and you have your body to yourself again! However, after the performance of pregnancy and childbirth, it doesn’t feel the same as before, that’s for sure.

Targeted support is now needed to stabilize the center of the body, including the pelvic floor, and to reactivate the deep abdominal muscles. The lower back, which holds a lot, also needs strengthening. But of course you don’t just consist of the middle of your body – so the whole body is always used.

In our lessons, the focus is on active practice under fine and clear guidance. Here is the space to deal with you and your body and to devote yourself to it. Of course we also discuss questions, but there are no ‘chat groups’. This is also important, but you are welcome to do so afterwards. With a baby, there is very little time for yourself.
For first-time mothers, we recommend that you come alone in the evening…the new dad can do it! With several children at home, however, he is often overwhelmed in the evening.


In order to book a spot on the course we ask that you transfere the entire course fee of 160 € in advance into our Dynamic Arts account. You will receive our bank details after we have processed your application.

To apply please use the registration mask and send to us with your signature.

Apart from a towel and your sportswear the studio will provide you with all necessary equipment. Please note: You won’t need trainers.

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The following terms and conditions for cancellations apply:

  • 20.- € administration fee apply when cancelling before course starts
  • Cancellation fees do not apply if a substitute person (appointed by the client) will take the spot in the course for the same conditions.
  • after the course starts, no refund is possible.

Location of the course: Dynamic Arts, Kartäuserst. 13, 79102 Freiburg

Teacher of the course: Johanna Schmidt, Veronika Failer, Karin Wuensch