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Gyrotonic Training


Gyrotonic is taught on the equipment in either a seated or reclined position supine position, lateral position or face-down.

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM ® is a working out method designed to work with the designated equipment. Movements are executed using consistent resistance. Instead of working on individual muscles, groups of muscles in their respective succession are usedThe class happens in small groups or on a one-on-one basis.

  • Series of exercises as supplement for all sports.Flowing, three-dimensional movement sequences accompanied by rhythmic breathing patterns.
  • improvement of the mobility of the spine
  • incorporation of flexibility, strength and coordination
  • enhancement of vitality and dynamic balance
  • Evening out of one-sided habitual postures
  • Regular exercise tightens the connective tissue and sculpts the shape.

Tip for Beginners

For first-time users we recommend our “starter-package”. The foundations of the Pilates technique are easier to comprehend in one-on-one classes.

Jetzt Schnupperstunde vereinbaren

Pulley Tower Combination Unit

Basic equipment is the Pulley Tower Combination Unit

The use of this equipment is versatile. On the bench you can sit facing to the handles, away from them, or even sideways for the Arch and Curl series moving and strengthening the spine. You can lie on the bench in all directions with either the feet in the lower or upper starps for the hamstrings series. If  you push the bench away from the tower, you can sit facing to the tower doing exercises with the upper body and arms, or even with your feet in the straps for legwork.

For the abdominal series you are lying on the bench looking towards the Pulley Tower with the starps around the ellbows or on his hands. The weight lifts you slightly up and helps rolling up. There are also some exercises lying on the floor in front of the Pulley Tower. To open the upper body you install a back support. Facing away with the back support behind you, you can do some wonderful exercises for the opening the shoulder girdle. Advanced exercises are carried out both standing on the Handle Unit and with the Pulley Tower.

The more familiar one is with the equipment, the more variations and exercises you have available.


The Gyrotoner is also designed for a holistic training, with the focus on the shoulder girdle and circling footwork for gentle strengthening and mobilization of hip, knee, and ankle.

Both for the upper body as well as for your legs to move the orbiting cranks up individually adjustable resistance, as we already know it from the Handles of Pulley Tower Combination Unit. The feet cranks enable it to carry out a proper circle with your legs, whereby unwanted compensations are impossible and the coordination of the entire leg axis and rebalancing of the leg muscles are possible.  This real circle leg movements promote the active Narrowing of the pelvis (activation of the pelvic girdle), the hips, the pelvic girdle and lower back opened and strengthened pleasant; tension in the lower back can be solved.

The highlight in my opinion is the construction of the winches (Handle Unit) and their countless settings in different plains.

Can you use  the Handle Unit at Pulley Tower only on the horizontal plane, the winches can be here set up in every conceivable heights and widths and for parallel bicycle setting. You can use the Gyrotoner from the front, from rear and from the side, sitting and standing … – adjust the equipment depending on the needs of the trainee.

Leg Extension Unit (LEU)

The Leg Extension Unit is a piece of equipment having many demands on the body, especially in his strength.

Due to its construction and the movement possibilities that it offers, is ideal for the muscle connections through the body – literally felt from head to toe and clarify their pathways.

If you train Gyrokinesis, you can clarify with a workout at the LEU connection of legs and trunk and capitalize the connection to the exercises on the stool and on the mat. That’s the advantage using an equipment with resistance. This external resistance helps to clarify the pathways through the the body which is harder to feel and find when you train just with your body.

The highlight of the LEU is the leg assembly. During the leg extension, the leg unit extends over a pullout rail system and shortened by a spring back into the starting position. By stretching the leg thus all the joints from the hip, knee, ankle to your toes are moved over its maximum length and not compressed. Thereby the complete legs and feet, tendons ligaments are involved in the training. Many knee and ankle injuries but also hip problems can be treated so gently by the vigorous movements.

Jumping Stretching Board

The steady resistance is now only exclusively by the gravitational force acting on the body. An exception exists in the “Jumping mode”, in which in addition a long spring may hinder the takeoff and landing. But more on that later.

In the various positions which one can take to the equipment, the difficulty in execution is usually already sufficiently challenging and therefore no additional resistance are needed more. The common elements of the Jumping Stretching Board and the Archway are the propellers, which can be used in many ways on both devices and the parallel bars.

As the name suggests is the “Jumping Stretching Board” to jump and for stretching, but also very powerful supportive and hanging exercises with the sliders, the carriage and the parallel bars can be performed.

The peculiarity of the “Jumping Board Mode” is that the rail is height adjustable inclined upward at an angle of 45 degrees. The carriage can be adjusted on it, is set so that the body axis can be displaced parallel to the floor during the jumping. The springboard and the body axis form a 90 degree angle. This allows the simulation of a vertical jump in a lying position. The hip angle is at 180 degrees off and landing. Both “large high” and “short little” jumps can be performed. To complicate the jump, the carriage can be attached over the pulley on springs.


At first glance, the Archway is strongly reminiscent of various gymnastic equipments; the rings, the parallel bars and the high bar.

You could also call it the coronation of the Gyrotonic equipment, because here the most power is needed, the gravity calls the body in all body positions. A massive use of force, a good spatial and body awareness is crucial for the training. It should look as if the body seems to float freely in space without the aid of counterweights and suspensions. It hangs freely on the staps, it can be run up like a rainbow from below. See once the world on its head. Incidentally, this is the first exercise, the children make at Archway. Even without prior instruction.

Depending on the size of the trainee you can adjust the distance to the rungs to lean with the pelvic on the cushioned rung Additionally, there is an approximately 4m long rope to support and as an aid. To protect the skin of the hands, it is made from a soft material. It helps to keep the balance of body position on the cushioned rung and assisted in the respective exercises.