Pilates Training

Pilates Matwork

The class is taught with the students on the floor, seated, standing and with the help of small props (balls, roller, ring, therabands). Our groups are consecutive and differentiated in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

PILATES Matwork serves to gain dynamic stability of the spine and muscular balance of the trunk.Predominantly the training addresses the strengthening of the deeper muscles, as they are key for posture, stability and body awareness. Using stretching and strengthening exercises a more balanced relationship between flexibility and strength is achieved throughout the body. These benefits are the reason PILATES Matwork is more often used in rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Because of its’ versatility everybody who wants to improve their general fitness and wellbeing benefits from this method. The classes are suitable for people with back pain or posture issues, for older people, athletes and dancers alike.

PILATES with focus on core strength improves the integrated work of the entity: pelvic floor – core muscles – back muscles. Thus improving awareness in everyday movement. PILATES is ideal for postnatal work and decreased pelvic floor muscles and it prevents incontinence.

Pilates Matwork Group Training



Tip for Beginners

For first-time users we recommend our "starter-package". The foundations of the Pilates technique are easier to comprehend in one-on-one classes.


Pilates Matwork Group Training
Pilates Allegro Training



Pilates Allegro Training

Have a go and try our Allegro- Reformer, you will enjoy it!

This special training equipment has been designed to address groups and offer a plethora of exercises. The work-out happens in small groups of 5 or in one-on-one lessons.

The Pilates Allegro Reformer offers more than 500 different exercises, e.g. the following:

  • different coil springs allow for increased or decreased resistance to make exercises easier or more challenging
  • ideal for beginners and advanced students alike
  • suitable for every age group
  • works on Strenght, Coordination and Flexibility

Pilates Equipment Work

One-on-one lessons on the multipurpose equipment facilitates an all-around effective work-out and addresses individual needs and issues. We offer the following equipment: Allegro, Studio Reformer, Cadillac, Step Barrel and the latest Pilates equipment the Avalon.

For first-time userswe recommend our “starter-package”. The foundations of the Pilates technique are easier to comprehend in one-on-one classes.