Pilates Prevention

Pilates Prevention

In order to qualify for that and get a statement for the health insurance it is obligatory to take 10 classes.


The statuatory health insurance in Germany subsidizes this course up until 80%.

In order to qualify for that and get a statement for the health insurance it is obligatory to take 10 classes.

To obtain a certificate for health insurance after the course must be attended at least 8 of the 10 hours.

Since the course is completed, any absences can be made up, unfortunately, neither in our ongoing courses nor in the other prevention courses. We ask for your understanding.

Course fee: 150.- €

Pilates Prävention

Pilates Prevention

10x Montags 18:30-19:30Uhr

as soon as it is possible on site - get in touch with us and let yourself be put on the list

Pilates for pregnant women

Pilates Prevention Post Natal

Pilates Allegro Prevention

Pilates Allegro

10x Dienstags 9:00 - 10Uhr

10x Freitags 9:00 - 10Uhr

Get to know this special Pilates device und feel the results in your body!
It's a course with health insurances support.
course fee: 190€

Pilates Allegro

spine gymnastics course

spine gymnastics

10x Mittwochs 19:15 - 20:15Uhr

A special course with a exersices of our studio methods also for homework - only the best for your spine!
With health insurances support.
Course fee: 150€

Pilates Prevention Pelvic Floor Training

Pelvic Floor Training

10 x Montags 17:15 - 18:15Uhr

With health insurances support or private prescription or personal training
Course fee: 150€


In order to secure a place, we ask for a binding written registration by email before the beginning of the course. Please use the contact form to register.
You will then receive a written confirmation with the transfer details. The place is firmly booked with successful transfer.
Apart from towel and sportswear, the studio provides all the utensils needed for the course. Also sports shoes are not required.


The following terms and conditions for cancellations apply:

  • 20.- € administration fee apply when cancelling before course starts
  • Cancellation fees do not apply if a substitute person (appointed by the client) will take the spot in the course for the same conditions.
  • after the course starts, no refund is possible.

Location of the course: Dynamic Arts, Kartäuserst. 13, 79102 Freiburg

Teacher of the course: Krisztina Ajkay, Nadine Teiwes, Andrea Appelt, Sigrid Sopart, Judith Schmidt and Iris Jacobs