About Yoga

you want:

  • Perform yoga asanas technically clean
  • challenge your body in harmony with your breath and mind
  • specifically illuminate and include other levels
  • harmonize your chakras and energy channels
  • balance your body-mind-soul connection


that is important to us

  • suitable and correct Asana version - gladly supported with aids and facilities
  • Connection of the body with mind and soul - no pure 'body exercise'
  • Energetic, meditative and spiritual aspects have a clear status, are addressed and explicitly included
  • the chemistry must be right! The linchpin is feeling good with the yoga teacher - tune in to your feeling, listen to your abdominal brain, but also give us a couple of hours to settle in


there are thousands of ways to practice yoga ...

  • or us it is hatha yoga with influences from Vinyasa, Iyengar and Kundalini
  • The starting point is the body - through this it leads to breath, mind and soul
  • sometimes powerful - in the sense of strength and grounding
  • sometimes flowing and connecting - in devotion to the flow of life
  • sometimes mentally demanding for living
  • sometimes breath-controlled to vitalize the organs and energy levels 


current yoga classes